Miilux ®Poland

Wear-resistant steel is used where a significant reduction in wear is expected on machinery and equipment parts operating under extremely difficult and highly abrasive conditions.

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Wear applications

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Plates marking

You can always find at the each of the Miilux plate:
  • grade
  • production No.
  • dimensions in mm
  • heat No. and plate No.
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Certification and testing

High quality Miilux wear plates are delivered together with the certificate in acc. with EN 10204-3.1. The hardness by Brinell scale in HBW is performed on the clean milled surface in depth of 0,5-2 mm in acc. with EN ISO 6506-1. Testing is done at every production charge.
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Dimensions and delivery conditions

High quality Miilux plates are produced in thickness range of 6 – 120 mm. Maximal width and length are 2500 resp. 6200 mm. We supply Miilux also as ready to install wear parts and components which are produced in acc. to your drawing or task to you.


Miilux plates can be machined mechanically. The machining process should be carried out on CNC machines equipped with appropriate indexable cutter insert tools or with solid carbide end mills.


It is recommended to shape Miilux plates with the largest technologically possible radius. It is important to maintain the proper quality of tools and machines adapted to the requirements of the high strength material. It is also important to maintain the correct sequence of technological processes. Please contact our customer service if you wish to form plates with a thickness above 20 mm.

Heat treatment

Miilux products must not undergo further heat treatment.
The steel can be heated without loss of properties (hardness) to about 200 °C.

Welding and thermal cutting

Miilux 400 is a material very well suited to welding. Miilux 500 and 600 have more restrictions regarding the maximal energy resp. heat input of the welding process. Preheating is not required for Miilux 400 plates if the combined plate thickness does not exceed 40 mm in total, and for Miilux 500 plates – if it does not exceed 20 mm. Preheating is required for Miilux 600 plates over the entire thickness range.


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