Wear resistant steel


The Millux standard in the field of abrasion-resistant steel products is to ensure the dimensional accuracy of products in a manner that allows their direct installation at the customer.

The Miilux production technology guarantees very high abrasion resistance, while maintaining the mechanical properties of the products, including their very high impact resistance. Thanks to this, Miilux products are an ideal solution, among the others for plowshares, blades, crusher liners. Mechanical machining is carried out before the hardening process, which affects both its lower costs as well as the higher quality

Miilux products maintain nominal parameters on their entire surface and throughout the cross-section as well as on entire length of edge ("Hard from edge to edge" technology) and are ready for direct assembly.

The processing of products after quenching is carried out only in individual cases, if required by specific technical conditions. All components can be produced in accordance with the requirements of the customers, from all Miilux grades, including a special grade intended for use in crushers -Miilux Crusher 530.

Examples of components made by Miilux:

  • Lip plates,
  • Bucket components,
  • Side wedges for crushers and other wearing parts of crushers,
  • Plowshares, blades and holders,
  • Semitrailers, conveyor gutters for transporting stone and gravel,
  • Covering panels,
  • Others according to the customer’s requirements.
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