Wear resistant steel

Miilux abrasion resistant steels have significantly greater abrasion resistance than ordinary structural steels, while maintaining high mechanical parameters.

Miilux abrasion resistant steels should be used wherever it is expected a significant reduction in wear of the parts of machines and devices operating in extremely difficult and highly abrasive conditions. Typical applications of Miilux abrasion resistant steels are structures exposed to abrasive wear by soil, gravel and mineral aggregates, such as buckets, crushers and conveyors.


Typical use of abrasion resistant steels Miilux :

  • Lip plates,
  • Bucket components,
  • Side wedges for crushers and other wearing parts,
  • Blades and holders,
  • Vehicle beds for crushed rock and gravel.

Miilux abrasion resistant steel grades:

  • Miilux 400 - HBW 360 – 420
  • Miilux 450 - HBW 420 – 470
  • Miilux 500 - HBW 470 – 520
  • Miilux Crusher 530 - HBW 490 – 550
  • Miilux 600 - HBW 520 – 570

It is generally recommended to select the steel grade that is most suitable for the particular application, not necessary the hardest choice available.

More detailed information on the properties and handling of abrasion resistant steels are available from Miilux Abrasion Resistant Steels - catalog. 

Miilux customer service will assist you in finding the right and optimal (quality and cost) abrasion resistant steel grade for your application.

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